Synergistic Networks currently offers a variety of services designed to help your company get the most out of its network infrastructure. Whether it is assessing your current infrastructure or completely designing a new one, Synergistic can help. Our skilled team will tailor a solution that fits your company’s particular needs and helps your business grow and flourish. We are dedicated to finding the proper mix of technology so that all parts of your network come together in a seamless and synergistic manner.

VPNs have become a necessity for most businesses by allowing remote workers to securely connect to company resources from any Internet connection.  Many companies are also utilizing VPNs as a cost effective way to connect remote offices by leveraging existing Internet connections.  Synergistic Networks can ensure that the proper corporate grade equipment is in place to handle all remote connection needs.  There are many different remote access solutions that can provide unwanted access to your company data if not properly implemented.  Make sure everything your workers do remotely is encrypted and secure by working with an expert who understands best practice security methods.