Synergistic Networks, Inc. is a locally owned Information Technology (IT) consulting company located in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Synergistic was formed in 2003 because of the absence of a strong, lasting presence in the field of IT consulting in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Your relationship with the company responsible for your company network is an extremely important one that can often face many challenges. When you are forced to search for a new company, deal with the high turnover of your current company, or find yourself having to pay for an expensive out of the area company, you are wasting a great deal of time and money. You want to deal with an expert that understands your needs, learns your business, and will be there to help you grow and manage technology for years to come. With so many unreliable companies these days, it can be hard to differentiate who can really manage and care for your network. This is where Synergistic Networks can help.

Synergistic Networks is an IT consulting company built on the belief that creating value for our clients, while earning their trust and satisfaction, is the key to becoming a leader in the IT industry. We plan to be the single source that you can count on for all your computer network needs by offering the right solutions to allow your business to flourish in an ever-evolving and complicated technological world. With so many companies here today and gone tomorrow, we want to build lasting relationships that allow us to offer unparalleled customer service that you can count on – now and in the future.

Christopher M. O’Brien, President/CEO