• Systems Running Windows XP Will No Longer Be HIPAA-compliant

Here is a crucial bit of information for any health-care providers out there:  if you’re running Windows XP on your machine, you won’t be HIPAA-compliant after April 8th, 2014.  That is the date that Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP, an operating system that’s been around since 2001.  There won’t be any more security patches or support options after the above date, leaving any system open to new exploits.  Here are a few links discussing this in more detail:

Running Windows XP means you are non-compliant and open to liability – TechRepublic

The Risk of Running Windows XP After Support Ends – Microsoft Security Blog

Microsoft warns Windows XP users risk ‘zero day forever’ – ZDNet.com

Don’t run the risk of becoming non-compliant; contact us to upgrade your systems soon!

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