• Microsoft’s Surface 3 Tablet


Are you looking to buy a tablet, but confused about all the different options that are now available?  Check out Microsoft’s new Surface 3 tablet, which is being touted as the thinner, lighter, and more affordable version of the Surface Pro.  Here are a few good reviews:

“On a purely hardware level, the Surface 3 is the fullest realization of Microsoft’s original Surface dream: a portable tablet that can do double-duty as a laptop.” – Engadget

“The Surface 3 is the first non-Pro Surface to get full-fat Windows 8.1, rather than Windows RT, which featured on the original Surface RT and Surface 2.” – Tech Radar

“Microsoft’s biggest advantage, of course, is price. With the Surface 3, you only need to buy one device. A cheaper Surface is a welcome thing, and if you’re looking for a single device that is useful every single second of the day, the Surface 3 is it. It’s an excellent execution of the Surface vision.” – Wired.com


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