• Infections of Cryptowall Malware on the Rise


Over the past few weeks, there’s been a rise in the malware infections known as Cryptowall 3.0.  This is a type of malware also referred to as ransomware: it causes files on your computer to be encrypted, and then the creators demand a ransom paid in Bitcoin for the decryption key.  You can get this virus through ads, compromised websites, or the good old ’email with a link or attachment in it’ trick.  Cryptowall is a sophisticated program and we ask all our clients to call us right away if you start seeing any type of malicious activity on your computer.  We also encourage you to have a steady backup routine.  Daily backups of your data will help control the damage done if someone on your network does contract the virus.  As a licensed Trend Micro reseller, we would be more than happy to help you get your company’s antivirus software up-to-date.  We want you to have a secure and productive network!

Here’s an article from PCWorld about the latest version of Cryptowall:

“The biggest ransomware threat for Windows users is CryptoWall, a sophisticated malware program that encrypts a wide range of files and demands that victims pay a ransom in Bitcoin cryptocurrency to recover them.

CryptoWall uses uncrackable encryption algorithms and hides its control servers on the Tor and I2P anonymity networks, making it harder for security researchers and law enforcement to shut them down.”

“Drive-by download attacks are launched from compromised websites or through malicious ads and usually exploit vulnerabilities in browser plug-ins like Flash Player, Java, Adobe Reader or Silverlight.”

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